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 ETH[AN] | E7

Graphic Designer. Website builder. Full-time Web3 cowboy. Part-time artist/autist.

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Roughly 25 years old, depending on when this is read. Based in Orange County, CA. Feel free to shoot me an email at regarding any business inquiries, service requests, etc. Or if you just wanna talk. idk lol...

Programs: Adobe Creative Suite (primarily PS), Website builder (Wix), Final Cut Pro X, Microsoft Office 365, iMovie, GarageBand, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, COD Series 3-9 + Warzone, EA Sports: Skate 2, Minecraft, Among Us: ALL Editions + Valentines Edition, VALORANT, Ledger Live, Minesweeper

Untitled (73)_edited.png
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